Our NetZeroNow® Mission

Make the world a better place by profitably addressing environmental issues with EPA/ESG compliant safe and efficient GTherm technology.

NetZeroNow® is the GTherm commitment to reducing the CO2 emissions from power generation by more than 95% while reducing CO2 emissions from business applications by improving the efficiencies of the applications.

Low-cost energy solutions made possible by game-changing NetZeroNow® technology

Our technology is 97% thermally efficient, and automates and optimized direction of resources to create the most power possible, all with with Zero emissions.
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The NetZeroNow® System

Our Energy
& Technology Portfolio

The world needs a revolution of change fueled by capital targeted to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG”).

A goal of the GTherm portfolio of technologies, Clean Integrated Profitable Solutions (“CIPS”), is to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) considerations into its project initiatives.

Profitable clean solutions will attract capital and proliferate on a worldwide basis.

Additional Energy Opportunities​
  • Desalination
  • Waste to Energy
  • Landfill Mining
  • Plastic Products from municipal solid waste
  • Clean Bulk Hydrogen
  • Ammonia Production

Safety & Efficiency

Working collaboratively with San Jacinto College and Mary Kay (a part of Texas A&M University) Process Safety Center to model, test, & validate the technology.
  • American Petroleum Institute (“API”) Tank Mixing and Blending
  • Particulate Suspension
  • Fluid Flow Optimization
  • Heat Exchanger Efficiencies
  • Wastewater Treatment

How NetZeroNow® Makes it Happen

  • Low-cost, sustainable energy solutions generated by game-changing technology
  • New, reliable electricity distributed with NetZeroNow emissions
  • More jobs, robust economy & nutritional food stimulated by CO2 capture

Patented Technology

GTherm holds extensive patent technology to eliminate CO2 emissions while using fossils fuels for electricity generation while also enhancing extraction of oil and gas.

Vertical Integration

All heat & gasses are captured & utilized for enhanced oil recovery, carbon capture and sequestration, to power data centers & CO2 absorption which increase crop production.

Oil Field Rejuvenation

GTherm Technology can re-energize depleted or underperforming oil fields, eliminating the need for exploratory drilling. As part of the rejuvenation process, all wells that need to be capped will be capped.

ESG/EPA Compliance

We're committed to our mission to become the world leader in clean, reliably energy while improving the world’s environment by profitably addressing environmental issues through ESG/EPA compliant methods.
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Thermally Efficient
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News & Case Studies

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All work

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"Clean Energy Company GTherm Seeks To Work With Partners That 'Walk The Walk' In Implementing NetZeroNow®"

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"GTherm Provides Clean, Integrated, and Profitable Solutions to Help Achieve Its NetZeroNow® Vision."

A solution for data centers

GTherm's comprehensive energy system is a low-cost solution for data centers serving the bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets due to its nonstop system.

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Generate net-zero electricity using your oilfield

GTherm Inc., a Houston-based industry leader in the development of the…

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Michael J. Parrella

Chairman of the Board/CEO, Founder, Inventor

John Vandy

President, GTherm, Inc., Board Member

David Wright

Senior Vice President Strategic Projects

Danny Ledbetter

Senior Vice President of Facility Operations

Naseeb Nuseibeh

Senior Vice President Business Development


Our Partners

Professional partnerships in education, oil and gas, power distribution, renewable technologies, manufacturing, and more.